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Emerald forest Moisturizing Shampoo ~ The Real Deal


My Color Lasts an Extra 3 Weeks. Amazing! - Boston
5 Star Review...This is the real deal.
The scent of both the shampoo & conditioner are great. I have the lavender & mint. The combination smells so good & clean! There's no residue on my hair. I shampoo w/ Boston city water & this stuff has made my frizzies go away & that's in the middle of winter. On top of that, my color lasts an extra 3 weeks. I'm anal enough to mark that on calendar as to last time I had a color. Amazing! Plus the savings! I highly recommend this stuff. The conditioner doesn't feel at all waxy either like most conditioners. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!!!! Thanks!!!

More Volume - New York
I have very thin hair. I've been using your new formula and I'm really hair has more volume than ever.

Loving the Lavender Mint - Virginia
I love your newest shampoo, the Lavender Mint. Thank you.

Moisturizing Shampoo & Conditioner - Southern California
In just a short time with Emerald Forest shampoo & conditioner, I like the way my hair looks and feels. Many thanks.

Emerald Forest Citrus Blossom Conditioner ~ Smells so delicious!
5 Star Review...Smells so delicious!
I have long thin straight/wavy hair. This conditioner is not greasy, it does not feel thick, but leaves my scalp happy and may hair soft. The best part, other than the price and the green/healthy features, is the scent... ohhhhh it's like honeysuckle with herbal tones...mhhhhhhh.
Yes, I recommend this product.

Emerald Forest Citrus Blossom Conditioner ~ Great conditioner!
5 Star Review...Great conditioner!
Great conditioner and I look forward to showering because I Love the smell!!!:-)
Yes, I recommend this product.

Emerald Forest - Southern California
I love this brand and everything about it! Makes my hair so soft!

Over 20 years - Connecticut
Loyalty to your Products for over 20 years thanks.

Since the 90's, Thank You - Hawaii
I just called to say Thank You. I've been using Emerald Forest since the 90's. I'm a bit older now, live a healthy lifestyle and have very little grey hair. My family now uses the products too. I wanted to call and say Thank You. See the video here
Citrus Blossom - Southern California
My daughters love the new Citrus Blossom shampoo and conditioner, we need to buy more.
Shiny, Healthy & Strong - Southern California
I've been using your Shampoo for Color Treated hair for several years and I am so happy with the results. My hair is shiny, healthy and strong.I don't want any other shampoo as none can get the results Emerald Forest gets for me.

Sulfate Free Shampoo - Northern California
I have high sensitivity to allergies with many products. The sulfate free botanical shampoo is working for me and I feel good.

My Hair Has Never Been Softer - Oregon
I love your products so much!! My hair has never been softer, more shiny and so healthy feeling and looking!! Very very best shampoo and conditioner I have ever used!
I Love This Product! - Southern California
Best shampoo and conditioner I have ever used!!! I love this product!!!!
Shine & Bounce - California
Emerald Forest gives my hair extra shine and bounce.
Tropical Smell - California
Lovely tropical smell! I feel as if I've been whisked away to a tropical island.
Recently Discovered Your Gem - California
Recently discovered your gem of hair care! Please never stop making these wonderful products! My hair thanks you!
There is nothing better!! - Berkeley, CA
As a person who loves to play with my hair from coloring, straightening to curling, I’ve tried every conditioner to get my hair back to its healthy and soft beginning. Nothing even comes close to Emerald Forest, it leaves my hair strong, thick and shiny. The scent is intoxicating, a mix of rainforest flowers after a heavy rain and lasts up to four days. There is nothing better!!

Love it! - New York
Emerald Forest makes my coarse hair soft and shiny, and it smells great too. I get compliments on the fragrance, which lingers.  

Clean and Fresh - California
I just tried Emerald Forest shampoo for the first time and I love it. My heavy hair needs a lite clean shampoo and I need a fragrance that's 'fresh' and not overpowering. The ingredients are very pure as well and my hair feels terrific . A must to try!  

Best conditioner for hair that tangles or is frizzy - North Carolina
I have used this conditioner for over 10 years and would never use anything else. I have long wavy hair that tends to frizz and tangle. This is the BEST conditioner money can buy.  

No more bad hair days - Iowa
I've used this product for many years and when I switched to something else because it was no longer available locally, my hair was unmanageable. I then went on line, found my favorite conditioner, and it arrived quickly. No more bad hair days for me!

A very grateful customer - Washington
Wonderful products. I just love them and have told my friends. Thank you soooooooooo much and keep up the great work.

Amazing Stuff 
I've been using this conditioner for over 15 years...I wash my hair with Emerald Forest products and the results are beautiful, shiny, strong hair. I strongly recommend this product if you like all natural hair products, and are looking for shinier hair. It smells great too!  

I love this conditioner
I love this conditioner. It works just as well if not better than the more expensive "salon" brands.

AWESOME shampoo!!
Emerald Forest Shampoo is my very favorite!! It just works beautifully and makes my hair look shiny, healthy and full of body, and what a great scent!!! I just adore it!!


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